Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sometimes, it *is* all about the numbers.

I've got some numbers to share.

In Feb of 2010, I had a a physical, which included blood work. The numbers were disconcerting enough to warrant an in-office review by my Dr.

Here's the rundown:

Feb 20, 2010:
Weight: 221 lb
 ldl (good) cholesterol: 10
hdl (bad)Cholesterol: 48
Total: 211
Ratio: 4.39:1
Triglicerides: 311
 Blood Pressure: 120/80

As of June 9th, my numbers looked like:

Weight: 189 lb
 ldl (good) cholesterol: 41
hdl (bad) cholesterol: 60
Total: 132
Ratio: 2.2:1
Triglicerides: 157
 Blood Pressure: 118/80

I lost 32 lbs in that time span, 39 since the first of the year.
Total Cholesterol lowered; Ratio lowered almost by half.
Triglycerides reduced by nearly 50%, 7 points above boundary for normal.

A large part of of my success I owe to the founders & members of Reno Running and Fitness, and their continued support and encouragement.  I honestly don't know where I'd be at this point in time, had I not stumbled across the link on Active.Com... :-)

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